Move to Texas

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Why Texas?

  1. Booming Economy : Moving to texas can economically be one of the wise decisions to make as the state produces nine percent of the U.S. GDP, second only to California. Having strong employment and income growth forecasts made Texas rank 4th in the nation for its current economic climate and first for its growth prospects- according to a recent Forbes report. It is a known fact that major companies including but not limited to CBRE, HP, Oracle,  Tesla are moving from the West Coast to Texas resulting in increased job opportunities.
  2. No state Income tax and a Low Cost of Living : Texas is just 1 of 8 states that do not have an income tax. This enables Texans to save money on a lot of major expenses such as school tuition, vacations, and other expenses.
    The cost of living in Texas is about 6% lower than the average of all states in America, hence making it an ideal place to live. Many of the best places to live in Texas are also relatively affordable compared to other large and thriving cities around the country as the median cost of the state’s average home is nearly 16% less than the national average
  3. Affordable Properties : Just as the cost of the living is excellent in Texas- land is cheaper in the state than in most other locations in the United States. The process of acquiring property is also very efficient. From the time that it takes to obtain a building permit through the final construction of a new home, it is much faster to build a dream house for your family here than it is in most other states. You can truly afford to live in mansions with Lakeview, Swimming pools, and all the luxuries at a fraction of the cost compared to other states !!