I am a repeat customer of real estate services offered by HomeDreams Solutions and that says a lot about their real estate expertise. I have been working with Manika since 2016 with buying, renting and Selling properties. I have worked so much w/ her that we are good friends now.Last month we were faced w/ situation where we wanted to sell out house, and with interest rates this high were not sure if we will be able to sell the property in this climate. We handed the property to Manika she was able to sell in one week, with multiple offers. When we met with Manika and explained our reservations and from the get-go, she was extremely patient and eased our decision-making process. She had the fixers and professional photographer at our house and within less than a week, and house was on market in min. budget.Manika understands how to sell houses and updates that need to be made to have a quick sale. She made the process incredibly easy and thorough subject knowledge. She is not only expert on general real estate but has Indepth knowledge of local market. This made whole process a great pleasure.She's the best realtor in Houston area with a great team around her.
Manika did a fantastic job helping us find our home in Houston! She was very diligent during every step coordinating with the builder on closing the home and doing the final walkthrough and closing some pending items with the builder. Overall experience working with Manika and the team was quite amazing and it was very smooth from start to end. I will highly recommend them for any home purchasing/selling needs.
Manika had been awesome for us, we couldn’t have asked for a better property agent! Being the first time homeowners, we had many doubts in the whole process; but she guided us like family in every step. I worked with many agents in the past in search of our first home but it’s she, who changed our perspective towards the agents completely. I strongly recommend her. She is the best.
My buyer backed out a day before the closing at the turn of the market in August. I was very anxious cos chances for finding another buyer was incredibly lower giving that the house had been on the market for a month already but Manika was her usual level-headed calm self. She quickly kicked things into another gear and rallied. We got 3 more offers after that, none of which were very solid and which we had to vet more carefully this time. Manika who is always insightful and discerning helped me with doing the due diligence to pick the best all round offer. She was constantly in communication with the buyer’s agent and loan company to make sure the sale went through. We closed without any incident a month later and I have Manika to thank for everything!!! This was my first house in Houston that Manika helped me buy 4 years ago and I was glad that she was here to help me sell it years later. She has been my realtor since day 1 and has helped and advised me with buying and selling other subsequent properties in the Houston area. I know I can count on her anyday. She is truly the real deal!!!!!
We worked with Manika & Pankaj Arora from Home Dream Solutions to buy our home in Houston, Texas. We live in a different state and they helped us execute the home purchase smoothly and 100% remotely without needing us to make any visit for this purpose!They are great at their profession and at the same time very friendly and accessible. They gave the right advice at all times which helped us immensely with making decisions.When we decided to rent out our home they helped find the tenant, did the due diligence, and presented us with various options I highly recommend Manika and Panjan to any home buyer who is looking for a highly trustworthy and dependable real estate agent.
I was an absentee landlord of a condo in Houston. A few months ago, I decided to sell the property. Manika of HDS was incredibly helpful in navigating the complicated process of the sale, from finding an affordable contractor for a remodel, listing the property and selling it.Literally all aspects of the process went better than expected: the remodel was cheaper, the contractor worked faster, the sale price was higher and the time to close was lower.I'm very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Manika and HDS.
I have been working with Manika & PankajArora from Home Dream Solutions to buyhomes for me & my friends. We are all froma different state. Besides finding us ourmultiple homes they went over and abovetheir call of duty checking the safety of ourhomes when we were not here, making sureeverything was in order at walk thru, helpingus with finding financing, being flexible withour changing situations and giving us themuch needed support in every way to makeour out of state move smooth. One of thehomes had to be rented out and we wereamazed at all the checks that they diligentlydid to secure us a good tenant. Our trust inthem is complete. I highly recommendworking with them. They found everysolution to getting us our dream homes.
Working with Mr. Arora Pankaj during the home buying process is absolutely trustworthy and stress-free. During each step of the process, he guided me to make an educated decision. His experience based prompt and timely negotiation skill have supported saving me time, money and energy. His network in the real estate domain is and will remain his absolute net worth. Based on my overall experience, I would highly recommend his service/consultation to anyone.
We set out with a daunting task 1. To find and close a house between June - August2. In a new state city 3. 1000 miles away from where we lived 4. And during the red hot sellers market We were lucky to get referred to Manika and Pankaj as my original agent had to travel out of country in June . Manika was thorough and listened to our priorities first and also provided valuable insights for us to make an informed decision about a new city that we had no idea about .Manika was also very good in negotiations as well as getting early shows , personal video walkthroughs of houses as many as 4 houses within a day in different cities ( as we we were in the other side of the country ) End of the day we were able to close a house within our timeframe ,budget and satisfaction .I would gladly recommend Manika and Pankaj for your real estate needs any time . Added to this , I am extremely happy with the other service recommendations they provided for my housing projects , services etc
I couldn't be happier with the service they provided. I moved out of state and Manika was there to help me through it all at all times. I will be in contact for my future real estate needs

Home Dream Solutions

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