About us

Home Dream Solutions is a Real Estate Brokerage Licensed in Texas. Our team is ready to help you buy/sell Real Estate in all of texas including - Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio.

We are sure you have the same question which everyone always ask to themself.

“How is the professional I’m hiring different and stands apart from others”

The answer is simple ‘Approach’.

Our approach to real estate is providing a full-service brokerage. Not only do we specialize in buying and selling but we have extensive work experience in home renovations which allows our clients to leverage our knowledge and a pool of trustworthy independent contractors. These contractors can help you prepare your home for sale or help you make the personalized touches after moving in. Our clients have frequently visited our job sites to look at the latest trends in home renovations.

Our educational background allows us to leverage technology and bring to you analysis that can help you understand the process and numbers if you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor. We do prepare first-time home buyer spreadsheets so they can understand the cost of moving into a home or ROI spreadsheets for seasoned investors. We own a lot of investment homes around town so can provide you with valuable insight into the local market.

Home Dream Solutions is focused on making all your real estate dreams come true be it buying, selling, leasing or investing. Using the right mix of technology, experience and local expertise we customize every aspect of your home dream.

We look forward to working with you and earning your business.